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​Belfield’s make every effort to ensure that the fish supplied and sold in our shop comes from well managed fisheries with healthy fish stocks and which have been caught using responsible fishing methods and within agreed quotas.  We use the best available British grown potatoes, depending on the season, to guarantee our customers have the most flavoursome chips to eat.We offer a variety of fish, Haddock being the most popular, followed by Cod, Plaice and Silver Hake when available.  

Haddock is very popular in the North of England and has succulent, firm white flesh with a delicate sweet flavour.​​

Cod has moist, dense white flesh which flakes easily and is mild in flavour.


Plaice is best in season July to October, but available all year round. A flat fish served with skin on. The flesh is white and tender with a fine delicate taste.


Silver Hake has a soft delicate texture. It is a mild fish, having a more subtle flavour than cod.

For our customers seeking alternatives to fish, we have a wide selection of pies, including vegetarian options, burgers, sausages, homemade fishcakes and fritters and daily specials on the menu.  We offer larger or smaller portions to cater for the appetites of all of our customers.